My favorite Shoes,  designed in the Netherlands to Last. 

MadOre, my favorite shoes. Handmade shoes in beautiful soft leather that you will immediately love and that are designed to last. Fashionable and wearable for any time of the day. A classic in the collection due to its timeless design and refined finish.

MadOre is a luxurious shoe designed for the woman like you and me. A woman who is in the middle of life and is looking for peace and stability, but is also adventurous. You can take MadOre shoes with you on a trip and they can be combined with many outfits so that you can shine at any time of the day. Every moment of the day you look beautiful and stylish and it complements your own style.

MadOre was founded by Ilse Horck, known for her label Kop en Staart.

Her signature is characterized by an elegant and luxurious style with sturdy elements. Ilse Horck wants to inspire her customers through her designs. Looking for the perfect balance between fit, design and luxurious materials. The start of this label arose from the demand for a product of the Now. There are enough shoes already and no one wants overproduction. “In this busy world I want to contribute to a sustainable and refined daily life,” emphasizes Ilse Horck. “I consciously create strong and simple collections to prevent waste and to respect the environment. After all, this is how you create timeless investments. And by creating fewer products with a higher level of creativity and quality, the value of a product becomes higher.”

MadOre guarantees the feminine, tough aesthetic of the Dutch brand in which style, simplicity and quality are the core values. The shoes are elegant and a modern combination between comfort and design. The removable insole is easy to replace with your own sole. The refined leathers and finishes make this a product with a long lifespan.

Fotografie; Mireille Droste 2022